When I tried to change my home, I knew I wanted to change the feeling. Interior design and architecture are enigmas for me. I am not used to think in terms of art and I do not have the ability to look at a certain space and imagine him different. For me, the change in those four walls that I am living in is magical. Something that was not there before was created; suddenly the house looks and feels different. A house with four walls is only a house with four walls. A home on the other hand is a much more sentimental thing. They say the home is where the heart is and if the heart is not there it is not your home.

Before I met Gregory I did not know what I was looking for. Not only what I want to change but also what I want to achieve. I do not know anything about architecture and interior design, I do not know the terms, the materials, the possibilities or the process. I looked for an architect in the Krayot area and when I met him I knew he was not just a professional, he was an artist, an artist that cares more about the creation process than the deposit or the final payment. I’ve seen a man that dreams about creation. His goal was to learn to know me, to understand me. What I like more and what I like less. He wanted to put my essence in this house to make it my home. I was part of the whole process, a process of dreaming and fulfillment. It felt like we are going one towards the other and getting closer to a point when he understands who I am and what I am looking for.

In the end of the process the only change was not only in the looks of the kitchen or the bedroom but also in the taste of the food and the quality of the sleep. I do not have the exact words to describe it but words like flow, inner peace and security probably fit the most. I had a feeling that a certain goal that I have in life is now easier to achieve and that the inspiration I get is endless.

What Gregory draws, sculptures and creates is the realization of a philosophy that thrives for perfection and balance, my own fulfillment and in the same time the fulfillment of his own art. He does this because this is his life. His love is creating for others what they will love for years. Now I know that I would not choose any other home other than the one he dreamt and made for me.