Shared projects
In the last phase of any project, after constructing the walls, installing the pipe system and putting the tiles, there is always the question-what kind of furniture will be in the new or renovated house.
The choice of ceramics, wallpaper, lighting and especially the furniture-is a very complex process that requires a lot from the architect and his customer.
After comparing different styles of furniture and their prices in different stores and companies, many of my clients chose “Dax Carmiel” that is located near Carmiel industrial area.
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They have many styles of furniture for the living room, the bedrooms, kids room and dining room that allow each and every one to choose according to his or hers personal taste and budget. Another important role plays the professionalism and attention of the workers of the “Dax Carmiel” company, who are always able to determine the projects requirements and find a suitable solution.
A room that was designed using their help always stands out in its harmony, comfort and unique style of the living space.