It is totally unclear why Goethe would call architecture frozen music.  It is not.  It is even less clear why he would describe music as liquid architecture. Well, nobody ever quotes this part anyway.  Music and architecture’s roles in our lives are completely different.  Music is ephemeral and intangible, while architecture literally stands on the ground.  If it does not, then perhaps it is not architecture.

However, a place to live, a home, is in essence a cube with partitions; and only an architect (and perhaps a family) can turn it into something else.  How light enters a home—that is how a home can evoke emotion different from everyday routine.  How space opens up and provides a sense of comfort or wonder or safety – that is how a cube becomes a home.  And the lucky residents of such a home that manages to reach beyond the perpendicular angles and utilitarian function can get a little better chance of success in their pursuit of happiness.

Not every architect can create that kind of home.  But we know one that can, both consistently and uniquely every time—Gregory Borin.