There are a few things in life that for me are miracles, that I can’t comprehend. One of those-it is drawing. Even in 6th grade, when I was a straight A student, the art teacher gave me a B. I had more than one chance to see how Gregory drawing. And each time I am fascinated by the process of the formation of a whole world on piece of paper, out of nowhere. Gregory draws a line with his pencil, and it looks like even he doesn’t know what will be the end result- and maybe, he really does not now? But then, there is another line, and another one…and suddenly his hand moves to the other side of the paper, and the lines wait there, unfinished. Then he goes back, and slowly everything becomes clear and we can see a face, a hat, stairs, a house, a window and a tree near it. And the sheet of paper, is not just a sheet of paper anymore, it is a complicated script and sometimes not exactly clear, but usually has the shadows of melancholy. In my opinion, Gregory is not just an artist-he is a magician.